#1 Data Scraping Software for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc.

Web Xpert is an all-in-one data extractor software that aims to save your time in collecting leads from 12+ major websites automatically.

Support for multiple websites, locations and keywords make it the best tool for extracting data from websites which runs on Windows 8 or higher.

Scrape the web, effortlessly

Fastractor includes 12 built-in scrapers which allow you to scrape real-time leads with verified contact details from popular B2B, social media websites with zero configuration.

How it works?

Just type in desired search term and simply click the Start button. It then itself does the rest.

Enter keyword

Type your desired search term or keyword, location and other parameters as per need.

Start search

Just click on the Start button when ready, and it scrapes data before you, like a magic.

Export to Excel

Save all your scraped data into friendlier, Excel files for further usage or sharing with team.

Unlimited usage

This are no limits imposed by the software on how much data you can scrape. Go limitless!.

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