Paid Ad Service

Challenge & Solution

Paid Ad services harness the power of Google Ads services and other PPC platforms to drive high converting customers to your website. These tools guarantee your desired search engine exposure & traffic. It is called paid ad service because every time your ad is clicked by an interested customer, directing him/her to your site, you pay the search engine a small fee.

Despite the myth surrounding its futility, a paid ad is the most impressive shortcut an entrepreneur can benefit from. It gets you that huge exposure in practically no time and helps you sit on top of your potential customer's search list with ease.

Less Page Views

Increased Page Views

The Final Result

Web Xpert has been dispensing paid ad servicing to a wide range of clients and has gathered immense knowledge and expertise regarding the process of ad creation & bidding for the top space.

1. 44% Growth In Organic Traffic.

2. No. 1 Rankings For Multiple.

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